Home Office Storage in Sun Lakes, Arizona

One of our customers needed to add storage and a work area for their small business. The challenge was that it needed to be located inside their home. Creating professional solutions for residential dwellings is a challenge because the product needs to match the design tastes of the home owner, match the home style and provide business based functionality. For our customer in Sun Lakes, we were able to accomplish all the above by listening closely and working precisely.

We constructed a custom office desk with built in drawers, manufactured custom storage cabinets and added lots of shelving for the customers receivables. On top of all of it, we constructed a large work surface. The material the customer chose was a 3/4″ density and finished with the Backwoods Sycamore which matched the customers existing wood floors.

Home offices are especially inspiring because they represent the realization of a customer’s passion and dream. We were excited to finish this project so our customer could get to work in her new space!

Murphy Bed in Eloy, Arizona

We were very excited for a project which called for installing a Murphy bed and full custom storage unit inside a resident home. The customer from Eloy, Arizona was looking for a solution that would allow an office and usable bedroom to occupy the same space. This particular project was the perfect opportunity to recommend a solution that has been around for over 100 years and is a proven value.

The customer choose to go with a wild cherry wood grain material with the Murphy bed solution. The Murphy bed concept has been around since 1900 and though it has been a largely forgotten solution, it made a comeback in the early 2010s. In 2014 we completed this residential project and can’t wait for the next Murphy bed project to come around!

This was an exciting project for us and we loved providing the customer with a unique solution served up with elegance and functionality.