About Arizona Storage Works

Arizona Storage Works provides creative storage and organization solutions in personal and professional environments. While manufactured organization solutions are often associated with closet storage and garage organization, we provide solutions to any room or space you can throw at us.

What We Do

On the surface we provide storage and organization solutions for individuals and organizations looking to get organized. It’s typical for companies in this industry to simply install products. For Arizona Storage Works, what we do runs far deeper than just installing hinges and placing shelves.

“We do quality. Quality products, quality installations, quality work – we want to get it right the first time.”

Every customer faces unique challenges. Regardless if it is a closet organization problem or garage storage issue, every situation presents an opportunity to bring order to a chaotic situation. For our team, it is also an opportunity provide a truly personalized solution.

As we begin work on closet organization or storage projects, we not only look at the square footage of the space, but we look at areas of value that may not be immediately apparent. The most overlooked area for storage is the height of a space. We reclaim that space in a way that is conducive to fit the customer’s lifestyle and design tastes.

As each project moves from consultation to design to installation, we include the customer in every step of the process. Big box companies implement one-size-fits-all solutions leaving little room for conversation or discussion. Conversation and discussion with customers is what allows our team to provide results unique to similar companies.

We don’t just “do” storage solutions, we are passionate about storage solutions. We believe our work reveals the depth of our passion.

Our History

Arizona Storage Works is a family owned and operated business, which is rare in the 21st century. What’s even more rare is that we are owned by 2nd generation Arizona natives… and we think we’re the first closet organization and storage solution company in AZ who can claim that!

We officially opened in 2013, but our family’s roots in construction and woodworking have existed since the beginning of 1990.

In 1990 our parent company, Cholla Enterprises, was formed by family patriarch, Jim Boettcher. For over twenty years Cholla Enterprises served as a premier lumber milling and corbel cutting business. Jim (or dad as we refer to him) built Cholla into a strong business that has served as the foundation for this next branch of the family business.

In 2013 Brothers Dave and Dan Boettcher along with sister Pam Bray launched Arizona Storage Works. While working for his dad at Cholla, Dave began building cabinets on the side and developed a passion for the work. When dad retired in 2012, the siblings, following Dave’s lead, made the decisions to begin a storage design, manufacturing and installation service company: what is now known as Arizona Storage Works.

“A lot of companies will separate the creative process from the building process… We actually embrace connecting the two.”

Dave’s passion for creative storage design work is one of the driving forces behind what makes choosing Arizona Storage Works a great experience for customers. “I’m always asking, ‘how can we do this better?’ We’re always changing our design approach and trying new things. We’re definitely not afraid of trying new things.” It’s this dedication to not being afraid that allows Arizona Storage Works to take on projects that many other cabinet companies would never touch.

Prior to starting Arizona Storage Works, we considered ourselves to be a close family, getting together once a month for birthdays and maybe to celebrate the holidays, but since beginning ASW we are as close as we’ve ever been. One thing unique to our daily routine is that we almost always eat lunch together. It’s small moments like these that give us an opportunity be renewed in our love for family and love for our work. These moments contribute to what makes us special.