Home Office Storage in Sun Lakes, Arizona

One of our customers needed to add storage and a work area for their small business. The challenge was that it needed to be located inside their home. Creating professional solutions for residential dwellings is a challenge because the product needs to match the design tastes of the home owner, match the home style and provide business based functionality. For our customer in Sun Lakes, we were able to accomplish all the above by listening closely and working precisely.

We constructed a custom office desk with built in drawers, manufactured custom storage cabinets and added lots of shelving for the customers receivables. On top of all of it, we constructed a large work surface. The material the customer chose was a 3/4″ density and finished with the Backwoods Sycamore which matched the customers existing wood floors.

Home offices are especially inspiring because they represent the realization of a customer’s passion and dream. We were excited to finish this project so our customer could get to work in her new space!

San Tan Valley Man Cave with Garage Storage

The garage is a man’s sanctuary. Often referred to as a “man cave” the garage provides men a place to work and create. One of our customers from San Tan Valley, Arizona wanted a space where he could store his tools and where his friends could hang out.

The customer had a Snap On rolling toolbox that he wanted to have a space built into the storage solution. As you can seen in the pictures below the toolbox fits neatly next to the work surface we installed . He also requested openings to place a TV as well as neon signage. We allocated the space and surrounded the openings with classic garage cabinets.

This was a fun project and we were thrilled to see it completed. For material, we used a 3/4″ Hard Rock Maple chosen directly by the customer. Another great residential project complete!

Garage Organization in Gilbert, Arizona

Reclaiming the height of a garage is a huge first step to getting your garage organized. One of our customers in Gilbert, Arizona wanted functional storage that preserved access to tools and work space but hid the mess that most garages will leave exposed.

For this Gilbert garage storage project we installed a custom pegboard, custom slat board – both with a large flat work surface below. For the slat wall in particular we exposed the electrical outlets so there could be easy access power.

The two work spaces are part of the larger cabinet organizers featuring a Sunset color finish. When we describe this project to other clients, we call it the “tons of storage space” project.

Closet Organizer in Chandler, Arizona

When you walk the isles at any hardware or home improvement store looking for closet organization solutions finding the color and style that matches your personal taste is the greatest challenge. One of our customers from Chandler, Arizona asked us to create a custom closet organizer that would provide multiple options for organizing. To top it off, there was a desire for a nice clean look.

First to accommodate the request for multiple storage options we installed closet rods, variant shelving, variant drawers, a tilt out hamper and a custom jewelry tray insert. Next, to provide a clean look the customer selected a nice white material color. Lastly, the entire project was completed using a premium 3/4″ thermofused material.

This was a fun job because we needed to use both the right and left side of the brain to propose and install the customer’s ideal solution. We loved the way it turned out!

Murphy Bed in Eloy, Arizona

We were very excited for a project which called for installing a Murphy bed and full custom storage unit inside a resident home. The customer from Eloy, Arizona was looking for a solution that would allow an office and usable bedroom to occupy the same space. This particular project was the perfect opportunity to recommend a solution that has been around for over 100 years and is a proven value.

The customer choose to go with a wild cherry wood grain material with the Murphy bed solution. The Murphy bed concept has been around since 1900 and though it has been a largely forgotten solution, it made a comeback in the early 2010s. In 2014 we completed this residential project and can’t wait for the next Murphy bed project to come around!

This was an exciting project for us and we loved providing the customer with a unique solution served up with elegance and functionality.

Garage Cabinets Get You Organized

garage cabinetsIs your garage cramped, cluttered, and disorganized? Do you frequently find yourself searching through the mess to find sports equipment, tools, and other stored items? Have you thought about purchasing pre-fabricated storage solutions but found the process of assessing your storage needs and measuring your available space to be confusing? Wouldn’t it be great to have an attractive, organized garage space that is suited to your specific needs? Arizona Storage Works custom cabinetry professionals can help. We take the guesswork out of garage storage and will work with you to create a customized storage solution that is durable, functional, and attractive.

Why custom garage cabinets from Arizona Storage Works?

  • Do you have sporting goods, lawn care equipment, seasonal decorations, or tools? Arizona Custom Storage will create custom garage cabinets designed to store your items easily and safely.
  • Do you have a small or irregularly shaped garage space? Prefabricated cabinets are only available in limited standardized sizes, which can leave you without the storage functionality that you require. We can design custom storage solutions to maximize your available space and meet your storage needs.
  • Do you want for your garage area to be aesthetically consistent with the rest of your home? Arizona Custom Storage Works offers a variety of cabinet finishes, hinge and pull options to suit every taste and style.

Our team of dedicated craftsmen will work with you from design to installation to create a custom storage solution that is both durable and beautiful; click here to see our gallery. The Arizona Storage Works team has over a decade of experience in garage cabinets design, fabrication, and installation, and we take pride in our product and our dedication to service.  We are proud to offer three levels of custom cabinet material (link options) that are suitable for every budget and taste. Contact Arizona Custom Storage today to speak with a custom garage cabinets professional and get your garage organized!